The Greatest Entrepreneur with the Weight of the World

I want you to stop for just a minute and look at this picture.

This is NOT a political post. This is simply a post that I hope you can find in your heart to think about. Put your hatred and pettiness aside.

I was moved to tears today just thinking about the weight that he must be carrying. I have a child and a wife, a wonderful business partner and great personel and Markethive a social platform of 1000s of people all depending on me to lead and carry us all through.. Even so, my anxiety level at times is out the roof and I feel like the weight of the world is on me. I know when he signed up for this role, he was willing to take on whatever, but the magnitude of what we’re experiencing has got to be paralyzing. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t but can you imagine? I sat and wondered how he must be dealing with it all. When it’s quiet and his head finally hits a pillow after he’s been on his feet all day, press conference after press conference…

does he cry?

Is he even able to sleep?

Is he scared?

Can he shut his mind off?

When I look at our President, I want to see him the way God sees him and I want the Lord to use him for His glory!

Whether he’s making you proud or not, I’m urging you to look at this photo and ask the Lord to soften your heart to him, lift him up in prayer. He needs them. He’s carrying the weight of the world!

I love this man with great respect and passion. I pray for him always. I wish I had had a Dad like him.

Thomas Prendergast

Markethive News

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