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The Best Free Autoresponder System

The Best Free Autoresponder System


What are autoresponders?

Autoresponders are emails that are automatically sent to those who've subscribed to your mailing list. The emails are prewritten and setup once in the autoresponder system and then the system takes over and emails each and every new person that joins your list with a series of emails.

Essentially, you can automate email sending to anyone, including leads, subscribers, clients, customers, downline, etc. No matter what business you do, you can benefit from an autoresponder system.


Why do I need an Autoresponder?

Autoresponders can;

  • save you an enormous amount of time
  • help build long term relationships and generate trust with your contacts
  • generate a nice income (when used correctly)

Isn't that what we all want? 🙂


What kind of messages can I send using an autoresponder?

Well, for starters you can send a "thank you" email to anyone who joins your mailing list. You can also use autoresponders to send birthday greetings, season greetings, holiday wishes, newsletters, promotional offers, free giveaways, and that list goes on.

If a customer’s subscription is approaching expiry, you can send an email autoresponder a month prior with a gentle reminder to renew. Or send a simple occasional message to say hi and touch base with your contacts every now and again.

One of the key benefits of a good autoresponder series is that it will encourage your contacts to try / buy your products and services.


Where can I get an Autoresponder System?

There are many Autoresponder Systems in the market, and they range in pricing. Many of them charge by the number of subscribers you have on your contact list. This means that as your list of contacts grows, so does your cost. As you can imagine, this could easily run into hundreds and even thousands of dollars yearly! One other common limitation is that they cap/restrict the number of emails you can send out on a monthly basis.

Having said that, some have really amazing features built in.


Are there free Autoresponder Systems?

There sure are! Although each has its own set of limitations, they are certainly worth checking out especially if you are just now starting to build an email list. I will include a list in this article.

My main autoresponder of choice is the one provided by Markethive.

Markethive – the world's first Market Network built on blockchain that provides free tools for all entrepreneurs worldwide including autoresponders, email broadcasting, capture pages, groups, blogging and more.

Markethive does not place any limits on the number of contacts you have or on the number of emails you can send. You can set up multiple autoresponders with multiple funnels for multiple projects – all completely FREE, FOREVER! I'm sure you can see why it's the best option out there.

"The Markethive email system is unique in that our capture technology uses OAuth Technology to capture the data of a potential lead or subscriber. This virtually guarantees the data is legitimate and the email is clean and not from a spam trap often acquired through web site harvesting. The actions available to build email lists in Markethive are via Markethive Capture Widgets, Markethive Capture pages, Markethive Blogs, and Markethive Profile pages. This guarantees email quality unlike anyone else and delivers members of Markethive, their subscribers and lead prospects’ email delivery “to the Inbox” of nearly 100%."


Here’s a snapshot of other autoresponder providers and their limitations.

free autoresponder list
Excerpt from:

In case you're wondering, the widely popular Mailchimp did not make the cut because their free plan only allows a single autoresponder email but not the creation of an autoresponder series. They do have an email broadcast feature that I use (for newsletters) and really like, however it is a "manual" mailout and not an "auto" responder.


A few important points to keep in mind when sending out autoresponder emails

Share Useful, Relevant Content. If your contacts expressed interest bicycles don't send them information on home appliances. Always stay relevant.

Abide by data protection rules. It is crucial that you stay on the right side of data protection laws. Ensure you have explicit consent before adding people to any autoresponder cycle and always make sure they have the option to easily unsubscribe. You don't want to email people who don't want your emails anyway – it's not going to increase your business.

Don’t Be Annoying. The worst thing to do is to send frequent messages to your contacts without any real value. You will drive them to immediately unsubscribe or worse report your emails as spam. Don't do it. Always ensure you have a reasonable interval between your emails.


Click here now to get your completely free, unlimited autoresponder system with Markethive!.

Here's to your success,

Melody Christie

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