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Turn 2 into 94371 in 20 Weeks

Turn 2 into 94371 in 20 Weeks

All The Details About The Business
and The Compensation Plan

How It All Works
The “Magic” of One Time Purchases Building Residual Income – Is Real!

Thank you for visiting our “How it Works’ Page!  

There is a lot going on here, so please read this information carefully. 


Because our entire system and community are designed to help you turn a single purchase (as small as $2) into ongoing residual income where you can build once and keep earning over again with the same team.

Our goal is to help you generate a Lifetime residual income for as little as $2, yep, just one single $2 purchase gets you started!

Build your team with $2 Bronze purchases and generate income in a 20 deep matrix (earn up to $94,371 per purchase!) or jump right into the Platinum Residual Package for only $50, earn unlimited $25 instant pay direct referral fees AND 20 deep matrix income (up to $419,000 a month!)

Yes, that is two separate compensation matrices each with different features and benefits and you will ALWAYS be qualified to earn in each and you will NEVER be deleted or canceled – even in the Platinum Residual Matrix!

Start out small and build or jump right in to earn 700% income leverage and a recurring residual income – It’s Your Choice!

There is a place for everyone in our community, all are welcome and we are here to help you succeed!

But, wait, it gets better because of the drop-dead, killer Advertising Value including our Innovative “Compound Advertising”!

Yes! You can purchase advertising in our community for as little as $2 where you’ll get UNLIMITED advertising impressions for two weeks and it gets better from there 


Because our Platinum membership “Compounding Advertising” System is groundbreaking in its design and powerful in the value it delivers!

And to top it all is our amazing PIF List system where you can literally BUY your downline, or, if you are really financially challenged – don’t worry – someone in our community will pay your $2 for you to get you started!

Let’s have a look…

CryptoPros sells advertising (details below) and when you purchase advertising you are also able to participate in one or both of the very lucrative compensation plans.

The Bronze Package is a one time purchase and allows you to get started for as little as $2 (Yep, just two measly bucks!)

The Platinum Package is a residual income system where you will always earn from your downline and you will never be deleted or compressed out of the matrix.

This is a Simple but Revolutionary Improvement that could create massive recurring income over time for many thousands of marketers like you.

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The Bronze Package

Is where it all starts! provides you with Top Notch Advertising and an income opportunity that can truly be a nearly perpetual income-generation machine. 

Really! Here’s how we can make such a fantastic claim (make sure to read about the “PIF Pool” – It Rocks!): 


Valuable Global Advertising we all need advertising and Crypto Pros provides a tremendous advertising value. Each low cost $2 Ad Pack provides a 14-day unlimited view text ad and a 14-day unlimited view banner ad!

A 2×20 Compensation Plan means that you will benefit from your efforts and the effort of your team down TWENTY Levels of matrix compensation!

Innovative Stacking System Allows you to select your level of income leverage Your first purchase follows your sponsor, all additional ad pack purchases create a matrix position in the highest spot below your original position!

100% Matrix Match on all direct referrals explodes your income and rewards you substantially for referring and expands portions of your 2×20 to potentially infinity depth!

25% Re-purchase fund keeps advertising and income flowing for active members and teams and assists in program sustainability.

Internal Funds Transfer and PIF (Pay It Forward) functionalities allow teams to work together to quickly build and create wealth and success.

Experienced, Trusted Admin and a Proprietary Script provides you with the massive long-term success potential and dedicated leadership

PIF Pool that Provides Nearly Assured Growth for EVERY Participating Member – Yes you can purchase your downline through this innovative system that many experts are saying could change the face of the network marketing industry! (Think of it as a guaranteed co-op!

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Bronze Comp Plan Details 

100% Match on the Matrix Income of All Personal Referrals
Each $2 Matrix Position Can Payout Greater Than $90K

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The Platinum Package

Is Where Residual Income is Generated! 

This is where the “Magic” of creating and sustaining a residual income begins!

We have taken the power of a 2×20 personally forced matrix, added in a massive 50% direct Referral fee and crafted features that allow members of all financial and experience levels to succeed. 


Want residual income but you are worried about a monthly purchase requirement? No worries, because we have you covered!

You will ALWAYS earn when your downline upgrades or renews and you will NEVER be deleted from the matrix and lose your chance to keep earning.

Want the fastest break-even potential possible? Great, because we have TOP loaded the matrix compensation plan which means you only need to fill your top-level levels to break even and have your monthly purchase covered!

Anxious to be rewarded for referring and building? Then you are in the right place because you’ll earn a massive $25 direct referral fee for each directly referred Platinum purchaser!

Login Ads – Login ads are the highest converting advertising type on our website. They have a CTR of 10-20%. Login Ads are exclusive to our Platinum Members. Platinum Members receive a Login Ad in rotation on our site and it remains in rotation as long as their subscription remains active. If the subscription goes inactive the Login Ad will pause until renewed.  

And, finally, here’s the scoop on this newly created “Compound Advertising” system here at Crypto Pros When you purchase the Platinum Advertising Package you’ll receive a one banner and one text ad that will provide you with unlimited impressions for a full month on the two most heavily trafficked pages in your community.

Better yet, when you renew next month you’ll get ANOTHER banner and text ad with unlimited impressions, and this will continue on, “Compounding” the number of banner and text ads that you have in rotation.

But, make sure that you do not allow your monthly subscription lapse because you’ll lose ALL of your Platinum banner and text ads!

It’s an incredible incentive to keep your subscription active, and, just as important, there is a compelling reason for your downline to all remain active, too, which means more money for you!

And, don’t worry, if you absolutely can not maintain your subscription – we’ve got you covered because you’ll continue to earn commissions from your downline at a 50% rate and your position in the Platinum matrix is secure, you will never lose it for going inactive. 

This will allow you to continue to earn from work you’ve already performed and provide you compensation for new referrals, and newly generated spillover and spill under.

So, yep, we’ve got you covered!

You can see by the chart below that the Platinum Compensation Plan is top-loaded for fast breakeven and still provides massive upside residual income potential.

Platinum Comp Plan Details

$25 One Time Sponsor Bonus on the Initial Payment
Commissions Reduced by 50% if Subscription is Inactive

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