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Democrats Deliberate Chemical Weapons Attack on America

Democrats Deliberate Chemical Weapons Attack on America

There Is Fire In Our Crowded Theater

250 million people live east of the Mississippi. Two million gallons of vinyl chloride might have something to say about that.

Article by

Adam Gaertner

Up to two and a half million gallons of one of the most toxic substances known to man have been released into the air, water and soil of the Eastern Seaboard, and are presently making their way south and east. Acid rain, which in this case is hydrochloric acid mixed with concentrated, unburned vinyl chloride, has (so far) been reported in every direction:


Chemical acid rain melting an affected vehicle.







Vinyl chloride is water-soluble, takes months to degrade in soil or water (the Camp Lejeune spill was just a few thousand gallons), boils at 8F, and its metabolites absolutely maul DNA: safe exposures are considered to be in the parts per billion (“Standards”), and we’re talking about parts per million exposure likely coming for everybody east of the Mississippi.

There will likely be some isolated parts of the eastern United States that escape contamination. However, I sure as hell would not want to wait around to find out which ones will be passed over.

There are 250 million people living to the east of the Mississippi River, and considering the rate at which it is progressively moving south with the water and east on the winds, every single person on the entire eastern seaboard may have only a few more days to leave before they are exposed to a lethal concentration of vinyl chloride. Everybody in the areas which have received acid rain have already been exposed, and will likely develop extensive cancers over the coming few months.

I will just say:

If you live anywhere east of the Mississippi River – in my humble opinion – LEAVE.

Maybe plan to come back in a couple of weeks; the magnitude of this will be more evident by that time. We have been at war for the last three years, and somebody may have just landed the killing blow with an utterly, historically unprecedented chemical weapons attack.

I’ve waited as long as I can, in good conscience, to gather evidence and to write this. I fully understand what I’m saying, and that 99% of people either can’t leave, or want to wait for more information, or just generally refuse to believe something of this scale could ever happen here. Not to mention that there’s absolutely no way this article will reach everybody that needs to hear it. I can scarcely believe I’m writing this, and I have been praying to be wrong. I really, really hope that I am wrong, but I do not think so. The authorities sure aren’t going to tell us the truth about any of it.

So, for those of you who are inclined to take it seriously, or aren’t quite sure yet, read on for the data and events thus far, share this with anybody you care about, and if you are in the affected area – that is, anywhere east of the Mississippi – LEAVE.

Or, don’t – I’m not your mother. Time is short. I hope I’m wrong.


Unrelated photo of an area devastated by chemical acid rain. It hasn’t been quite long enough to do this everywhere that’s been affected. Yet…

What we know

I summarized the events of the crash in the last, brief article here. We have learned more since.

The primary concern is unburned vinyl chloride. The uncontrolled, open-air fire is very highly unlikely to have burned even a majority of it: whilst it is flammable, like any other fire it requires oxygen, and there were no accelerants in the crash. The cars leaked for days before they were set on fire, and holes were made in the tankers: that is plenty of time for vast quantities to have seeped into the ground and surrounding water, which has been confirmed thus far to have contaminated the Ohio River, and will very likely be confirmed to have entered the Mississippi. The intense heat and lack of oxygen at ground zero means that the majority of the vinyl chloride, which boils at 8°F, is highly likely to have been lofted into the air unburned, and is currently being rained down again everywhere from Canada to NY to Kentucky.


It’s Not Just The Wind

The fact that acid rain has been reported as far north as Ontario, and as far south as Kentucky, constitutes something of a confirmation of another worst-case scenario: the chemical, which was leached into soil, rivers and groundwater, is evaporating and raining down again, far outside the area which could have possibly been reached by the winds, which are blowing east-northeast. Vinyl chloride takes months to denature when dissolved into water or leached into soil.

Paulsboro train derailment, chemical spill caused health problems in half  of residents, DOH reports -


much smaller spill in 2012 in NJ. They managed to avoid setting that one on fire.

The Ohio and Mississippi River basins permeate most of the eastern side of the country. There is a smaller area covered by the Tennessee River basin around Georgia; while the contaminated water may or may not directly reach those areas, the prevailing winds are still likely to push the chemical to the east, even that far south. Southern FL might be lucky enough to escape the devastation, but I would not be waiting around to see.

Vinyl chloride is toxic in extremely tiny amounts. Specifically, the metabolite chloroethylene oxide binds to guanine in our DNA, completely and thoroughly destroying any affected DNA. It only takes the tiniest of exposures to be practically guaranteed severe cancers, particularly sarcoma of the liver, which is where that most toxic metabolite is first produced. Untold quantities of dioxin have also been produced: if vinyl chloride is the silver medalist of carcinogenicity, dioxin is the gold, and it is far more persistent in the environment than even the vinyl chloride.

A gigantic bonfire of millions of gallons of vinyl chloride is the single worst chemical and environmental disaster imaginable. If the entirety of Lake Michigan had magically turned into VX gas – a rapidly lethal World War II nerve agent – it still wouldn’t be anywhere near this bad.

Furthermore, there is mounting, albeit strongly circumstantial evidence, that this may have been a deliberate attack after all.

A Deliberate Chemical Weapons Attack?



Video on Twitter

Green water has been reported in East Palestine. Let’s review the chemicals released and produced by burning, and the colors they will turn water upon mixing:

  • Vinyl Chloride (VC): Colorless water (primary product) and colorless to light yellow water (combustion product – hydrogen chloride)

  • Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether (EGMBE): Colorless water (primary product) and clear to pale yellow water (combustion product – acrolein)

  • Ethylhexyl Acrylate (EHAA): Colorless water (primary product) and clear, colorless to cloudy water (combustion product – formaldehyde)

  • Isobutylene (i-C4H8): Colorless water (primary product) and clear, colorless water (combustion product – formaldehyde)

  • Butyl Acrylates: Colorless water (primary product) and clear, colorless to cloudy water (combustion product – formaldehyde)

None of these products produce bright green water. How could bright green water possibly have been formed?

3082 is the label for nickel oxide. Fifteen tanker trucks labelled 3082 were seen heading to East Palestine on the 15th of February, and the next day, there was reporting on residents’ bright green tap water. Nickel oxide – up to 150,000 gallons of it, given the capacities of the tanker trucks – produces nickel chloride when it is mixed with vinyl chloride, at atmospheric temperature and pressure, which certainly does turn water green. Nickel chloride is also extremely toxic and carcinogenic, and dissolves in water much more readily than vinyl chloride: if that is indeed what took place, which is not yet confirmed, but seems likely, then it’s that much worse.

Why, for the love of God, would anybody mix fifteen tanker trucks of nickel oxide into the spill? It is not a fire suppressant or dry powder agent like sodium bicarbonate. It is used as a flame retardant in small amounts for plastic mixtures (of which vinyl chloride is a precursor, to PVC), but absolutely not for anything approaching this scale.

Poisoning half the country and destroying a majority of America’s farmland would be a great reason.

Netflix released a movie in December (“White Noise”), playing out precisely what’s taken place here, down to being filmed in the very same town, East Palestine, in which it occurred.

The CDC also “updated” the data on vinyl chloride in late January, before the crash, and after 17 years untouched.

The EPA has also been very obviously falsifying air and water tests, and let’s not forget the reporter that was arrested for trying to investigate.

The conspiracy theorists are 60-nil these days, so I think Hanlon’s Razor is inverted until further notice. There’s no coincidences anymore.

Also notable is Deagel’s 100 million population prediction. This is the first event that could conceivably reach that number in the allotted time, by 2025; with 250 million people east of the Mississippi River, and the untold devastation knocking on to affect the rest of the country, this could easily do that.

Deagel Makes Mysterious Changes To 2025 Population Forecast For America As  Bill Gates Launches 'Grand Challenge': The 'Holy Grail Of Influenza  Research' And 'Bridging The Valley Of Death' | Algora Blog



FEMA Can’t Handle It

FEMA is the Federal Emergency Management Agency. They are the ones that respond after state or city-destroying floods, massive wildfires, et cetera; if there were to be a full-scale nuclear war, they would be responsible for, and have the authority to facilitate, forming a new government.

They just admitted that the scope of this is beyond anything they are able to handle. What are they going to do – dig out 10 feet of soil across the entire eastern seaboard? Evacuate 250 million people?

The foot-dragging on declaring an emergency begins to make more sense once you grasp the truly horrific scale of this. There’s absolutely nothing to do but leave, and it’s already too late for the Northeast and some parts of the east and Midwest. They can’t evacuate 250 million people. All they would do with such an announcement is cause mass panic.


Mass panic?

That’s exactly what’s going to happen anyway if I’m right, though. The country has never been so politically polarized and angry. Take hundreds of millions of heavily armed, very angry people, tell them that they have a few months to live (if they’re lucky), and that the very government they’re already angry at, has killed them: what do you think is going to happen when the sarcomas start appearing all over their bodies? It’s going to look like the biblical plague of boils; the first bowl of God’s wrath.

I don’t really want to begin to imagine what this is going to look like, but if it’s anything even approaching the scale of how it appears, it’s going to be very ugly.

I would not want to stick around and find out.


Who’s to blame?

Who cares. There’s been so many disastrous decisions and events that led to this. Everyone from Biden to DeWine, Trump, McConnell and Klaus Schwab, and everyone down to Norfolk Southern rail all bear some degree of responsibility. There’ll be time to point fingers and I’m sure there will be some measure of justice coming in short order. We’ve been in the middle of World War 3 for the last three years. We already lost, but we just might have really lost.

All that matters right now is surviving.

Don’t waste time or energy on being afraid. Just take action. Reasonable action – there’s always the possibility that I’m wrong, but there’s no actual indication of any such luck yet. Maybe plan to come back in a couple of weeks if it doesn’t end up being nearly as bad as it seems.


What can be done?

Very little. The cancers it causes are not ordinary cancers: they’re the product of your DNA being put through a meat grinder, and the most frequent occurrence of these sarcomas is in the liver, where the DNA-destroying metabolite is first produced from the vinyl chloride. Maybe large doses of ivermectin and fenbendazole could slow it down or enable the immune system to destroy it, but I am not optimistic. Consider it as dangerous as gamma radiation: it’s just as pervasive, and it kills in precisely the same way, destroying DNA. There’s some rumors that a few other compounds might help. I can’t comment on the likelihood of that, but anything’s better than nothing.

The best course of action is to leave before it reaches you. Review this on your travels West and speak to a doctor when you have an opportunity. Vinyl chloride is extraordinarily dangerous.


I hope I’m wrong.

I’m usually not. (Although my timelines tend to be very pessimistic, I’ve learned.)

Vaya con Dios…


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