Bitcoin vs Gold : Overall Analysis

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Gold has perceived value because it is scarce, quasi-indestructible moreover serves a manufacturing purpose.

Bitcoin acquires all of these qualities also adds the features of portability and excellent divisibility.

Both are also remarkably durable and cannot be counterfeit. The main lead for Bitcoin over Gold as a commodity is that Bitcoin has perfect portability, while gold must be insured, physical stored and safeguarded, and proved that the integrity of the substance has resided intact and not mixed with other filler elements such as tungsten.

Whenever you are moving precious metals across borders, you must declare it. No border authorities or cash sniffing dogs can detect if you hold bitcoin, as ownership can be distilled to memorizing a private key which controls the linked wallet. If you are venturing to buy something with gold, it usually needs to be exchanged for the money first. Bitcoin payments require only a smartphone to transact.



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